Design Your New Home

What is in vogue for the design world, in 2017

pexels-photo-106937Many bold, beautiful and wonderful things are to come in the design world – minimalism is paving the way for success, with razor thin benchtops, cantilevering joinery and bold finishes to the exterior. That considered – you can never go wrong with the beauty of a thickened marble benchtop to showcase the material. Introducing multiple thickness is remaining a popular option – featuring the island bench in a thicker profile to make a heavy visual impact – allows the main… Read the rest

The importance of lighting in the home – how to transform your space through illumination

Importance of lighting in your new homeOften taken for granted, lighting is one of the most significant parts of an inviting and productive household. When designing your home, lighting must be considered, as this can change the whole feel of the room, as well as being a necessity for many tasks, like preparing meals or working on the computer. Basic principles of lighting There are four basic principles of lighting, comprising of general, accent or feature, task and decorative lighting. Each of these offers a different… Read the rest