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Eight stages of

design and construction

Our experience in custom luxury home design and construction is evident at every step of our eight-stage design and construction process. The process includes key insights from our professional interior designers, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Our attention to detail ensures an excellent outcome.

1. Initial contact stage

We meet with you to discuss your requirements, either onsite or in our office.

We provide a detailed explanation of the steps involved in the design and construction process.

2. Preliminary stage

A preliminary agreement is prepared and signed, and the first part of the preliminary deposit is paid.

Conceptual drawings are prepared, including three-dimensional still images.  (3d videos optional)

A soil test and contour survey is completed.

A formal quote is provided to you.


3. Pre-contract selections stage

The second part of the preliminary is deposit paid.

Colours, fittings & fixtures are selected with the support of our expert interior designer, during individual appointments at our supplier’s showrooms.

Full final working drawings are completed.

Engineering design is completed.

4. Contract stage

Qld Housing Industry Association (HIA) building Contract and specification is prepared for signing.

Balance of standard 5% deposit is paid.

5. Approvals stage

All relevant permits & building approvals are obtained from local council or building certifier to enable construction to commence.

6. Construction stage

Construction typically commences within 15 days of building, plumbing & finance approval.

We provide the opportunity for you to attend regular meetings on site with the building supervisor, where any questions or queries you may have can be resolved.

7. Completion and handover stage

Your new luxury home is cleaned inside and out by a professional commercial cleaner.

The site is levelled and cleared of all rubbish.

We meet with you on site, presenting you with the keys and handover folder for your new home, containing all final certificates and operating manuals. We also provide you with a thank you gift for choosing Lindon Homes to bring your dream to life.

8. Maintenance stage

Our service doesn’t end when we hand you the keys. Our goal is to establish a good relationship with you during the building process and extend that into the future.

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