What is in vogue for the design world, in 2017

pexels-photo-106937Many bold, beautiful and wonderful things are to come in the design world – minimalism is paving the way for success, with razor thin benchtops, cantilevering joinery and bold finishes to the exterior. That considered – you can never go wrong with the beauty of a thickened marble benchtop to showcase the material. Introducing multiple thickness is remaining a popular option – featuring the island bench in a thicker profile to make a heavy visual impact – allows the main kitchen bench to fade back into the cabinetry.

Kitchen designs will be seen to flaunt stone materials with shadow lines. Tuxedo and timber grain colour combinations are in, with additions complimenting soft grey hues. The Hamptons and Victorian trend is ever strong – providing a unique and individual approach to the market.

Multiple master suites may make popularity on the floor plan design – as multi-generational families are now commonly living under the one roof.

Sharp external facades, with commercial influence and a due sense of modernity will become more prominent in this coming year. Introducing multiple cladding types is still a popular option, a focus on brick is set to make a strong return into the market. Incorporating small areas of this material into the exterior creates general interest and great textural change – breaking uniformity of the structure, and in some sense evoking strong memories from the past.

We should expect to see many trends build upon what we saw in 2016 – Lindon Homes are certainly looking forward to seeing the emergence of this flowing through into the finished product!