Ways to Get Your Home Ready For The Cooler Months

pexels-photo-59035Australians love the outdoors – but as the cooler months approach we are traditionally forced to change our habits and move our lives indoors. Don’t be fooled by the change in season – it is possible to still make the most of our cosy interior – without sacrificing the outdoors we love so much!

Prepare your Outdoor Alfresco: make the best of indoor / outdoor living by installing patio heaters and shades. If cost or space becomes a limitation, consider a tabletop heater – most furniture and outdoor living retailers will stock these.

Garden and Lawn Maintenance: as winter rolls in, the lush greenery will recede back into hibernation cycles – it is best to retain fertilisation levels as the cool weather starts, preparing your garden to flourish during the Spring.

Pool Groundwork: ensure the water has been balanced – the PH level should generally range from 7.2-7.6. Taking a sample of the water to your local swimming service store should help you to identify this. Clean the pool and filter thoroughly – this prevents build-up of bacteria when you are not using it. You should also confirm chlorine levels are at a good level. Most importantly, make use of a pool cover – protect against debris when you aren’t using it!

General cleaning measures to ensure the roof and gutter systems are clear, and cleaning the AC filters should also help to ease you through the cold months. A well rounded, well designed and build home should take these seasonal changes into consideration too – with Australia’s climate in mind.

Posted on May 2nd
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