Top five home renovations

home_renovations_brisbaneWhether you are looking at selling your home or just want to increase its value and modernise older rooms, renovating can make a big difference. With a little professional help and some common sense, it is easy to inject new life into your home. Below are the top five renovation projects for Australian homes.
1. Installing a spa
Known for its warmer climate, the sunny state of Queensland offers great weather all year round. It is no wonder many homes have swimming pools or spas. If you are looking to add value to you home, the installation of an in ground pool or spa could dramatically increase its worth. Lindon Homes are now able to offer pool installation as one of their services.

2. Adding a home office
Whether a family member needs to work from home or needs a quiet space to get away, a home office is a great addition that many homes are lacking. And with the advent of the internet, it is now essential to be able to also work from home. A small room with a desk, computer and some bookshelves is enough for a basic home office.

3. Updating bathrooms
Bathrooms date very quickly. trends and colours change frequently and what was once modern and chic is now out-dated and tacky. Bathrooms can also see a lot of wear and tear that can’t always be fixed simply by cleaning. Instead, changing up the tiles, installing a new shower and adding more storage space can breathe new life into the room

4. Bringing the outdoors in
As a very outdoors focused country, Australians often enjoy spending time in the great outdoors – even when just at home. Many people forget about their backyards, but this is an important part of increasing the value of your home. Add a patio to conquer the elements, put some effort into making the garden beautiful yet easy to maintain and buy some accessories, such as a large table and barbecue.

5. Updating kitchens
Like the bathroom, kitchens can become out-dated very quickly. Again, modernising equipment and d├ęcor can make a huge difference. Consider redesigning the space so it is easier to use and update old pieces like the oven and refrigerator.

If you need help with house designs, construction or any house renovation projects in Brisbane, talk to Lindon Homes. The renovation builders can help in Brisbane and beyond. Call them on (07) 3823 5522 to see what they can do for you.