Building your new home vs buying


If you are in the market for a new home, you might want to strongly consider building your new home instead of buying a pre-existing one. For many, the concept of building a new home is terrifying or complex at best. However, this process has been greatly simplified over the years, especially if you choose a builder like Lindon Homes, who has over 25 years experience building amazingly customised homes for a wide range of customers.



Customisation is one of the most significant benefits of building a new home. From the very beginning, you can create your new home just the way you want it. Specs like floor plans, number of bathrooms, bedroom, storeys, size of garage, walls, sky lights and much more can be tailored to your desires.

Additionally, since everything will be the way you want it, you will not have to pay for upgrades in the future. Too often, when you a buy a new home, there are things you want to change within a few years. However, if you build your dream home then everything will be just the way you want it even a few years down the road.

Everything Is Brand New

When building a new home, all of the items like stoves, dish washers, light fixtures and more are all brand new. In fact, all of the building supplies are brand new. You are the first person to live in this home and use all of the appliances, walk on the floors, or turn on the lights.

Energy Efficient

Building a brand new home can be more energy efficient since the air conditioning units are brand new. This means they will operate at a premium level, which cuts down on repairs, upgrades or manual adjustments. Additionally, you can have more windows for sunlight or even install premium windows that aid in climate control from the very beginning.

The Lot

When building your home, you get to choose the lot that you want to build the house on. This means you can customize the house based on how you mentally picture it sitting on the land you just purchased. When you buy an existing home, the majority of the time you don’t get to pick the lot that you would like the house to be on.

Making Dreams a Reality

Building a home allows you to make your dreams come true. You can build the house that you always dreamed of living in, raising a family in and/or entertaining guests in. The home becomes an expression of who you are and will definitely be unique among all of the other cookie cutter type homes.

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