Michael and Isabel Ghobrial

We have recently had the pleasure of building our home with Lindon Homes. We are very happy with our final result, and they have  been fantastic throughout the whole process. They have been professional, efficient, honest and incredibly helpful. they were happy to accommodate any changes we wanted and never made us feel like a hassle. We have heard a lot of horror stories with building homes and feel incredibly blessed to have chosen Lindon Homes. We would definitely build with then again!

Many thanks to Ashley and the Lindon Homes Team from Michael and Isabel.


Morteza, Miranda, Parsa and Arisa

Dear Lindon Family

We (Morteza,Miranda,Parsa and Arisa) would like to thank you for building us such a beautiful quality home. We would like to thank you to make our first ever building experience so enjoyable and exciting.

We are pleased with everything , from our initial meeting with Trent to decide who we want to build with all the way to payment management, construction, process management and house handover to us by Ashley.

We would like to express our special thanks to Sharyn, to handle such a difficult task and made our life very easy and hustle free. She did an excellent job all the way through and listened to our requests and helped us to make the right informed decision.

We would like to thank Ashley since none of these would be happening without his excellent professional supervision and congratulate him for his wonderful team.

We wish you all a great success. You all made our dreams come true.
Also we would like to thank you for your beautiful house warming gift basket. It was wonderful.

With Special Thanks

Morteza, Miranda, Parsa & Arisa

Pete and Helen Campbell

Hi Ashley

We just wanted to write to you and your team to thank you for our fabulous new home. This was our first experience at building and we were extremely nervous.

We cannot thank you, Trent, Sharyn, Lynn and of course your trades people enough for making our building project so easy and productive. Your helpful suggestions, depth of knowledge and willingness to give us guidance made all the difference.

We would especially like to thank Trent. Trent’s assistance with making sure our plans were just right was absolutely brilliant. Trent listened to what we wanted and then within a very short period of time came back with a perfect design from Dane. Trent continued to help us throughout the project and was extremely accommodating and patient with all our questions and queries which we took to him.

We would also like to thank Sharyn for her project management and patience with us. Sharyn’s timetable was always met and our handover date happened exactly as she told us.

I think the greatest compliment to your team though comes from all your subcontractors. Every one of them loves working for your company and all produced excellent results. The second best compliment comes from our new neighbours who now wish they were living in a Lindon Home.

Ashley, we cannot thank you enough for our new home. From design to handover, we have had the best project ever. Your team is wonderful and please thank them sincerely from all of us.

We look forward to meeting with you in the future to build our next home.


Pete and Helen Campbell

Peta and Matthew Winters


Thank you so very much for the wonderful home you’ve created for us and thank you for making the whole process so seamless and stress free.

We spent a long time looking at various display homes and talking to what seemed like process driven, box ticking operations who are only interested in getting a signature and turning it around as quickly as possible.

It was comforting to have a recommendation from both someone who was building with you at the time plus someone who’d previously completed the process and from the first meeting with Trent it was a clear that your service and offering was far superior to what the rest of the industry had to offer. Trent’s patience and can do attitude during the initial consultations and design phase was very refreshing and instilled confidence from the outset.

This was our first experience with building a home and there were a few instances where Peta and I were concerned that something may have been overlooked or unfinished and didn’t look right and although we questioned things initially it became clear that you always had everything covered which gave us the confidence that you would finish absolutely everything off to your usual high standard, which obviously ended up being the case.

You must be so very proud of the company and product that you’ve created over the years. All of your trades are clearly the best of the best, they were all very pleasant to work with and so client focussed ensuring that the end result is what it is. From talking to them it was always the same message, they love working for you and appreciate the fact that unlike other companies you give them sufficient time, quality materials and direction in order to complete a job that they’re proud of as opposed to just hitting a timeframe, this is evident by the longs tenors that they’ve all been with you. With all big bodies of work there are always some small hiccups along the way but the way you and your team resolved these was very impressive, honest and fair.

We would like to say a very special thank you to Sharyn. It was unbelievable how organized and efficient she was through the entire process and nothing was ever too much trouble. Peta and I were terrible at making decisions and although Sharyn was most probably pulling her hair out having to deal with us every day she was always so pleasant, professional and relaxed. We thought we appreciated how hard the job was at the time but now we’re having to try and organise a few jobs ourselves it just seems like a nightmare.

We rarely recommend services etc to people due to the worry that they aren‘t as impressed but it would give me great pleasure to recommend your services to anyone in the future.

Many thanks

Peta and Matthew Winters


pdfDave & Vicki Bence

Dave and Vicki were so happy with their new Lindon Home, they gave us a certificate for our efforts!