Stages of Construction

8 Stages Of Design & Construction

It’s not always possible to specify every last detail of your new home without first seeing how the pieces of the puzzle come together. At Lindon Homes we use experienced interior design consultants who will work with you, step-by-step, through every room, across every surface to select every fixture and fitting until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Unlike some builders, we are open to changes in the plans and you will know upon signing the building contract how much leeway you have in your budget.

We work through our projects with a process – 8 Stages of Construction, which will allow for clarity and smooth sailing as we build a grand design for you.

1. Initial Contact

  • Meet on site to discuss requirements
  • Concept drawings done (if required)
  • Estimation of build cost provided

2. Preliminary Works Stage

  • Preliminary contract & part deposit paid
  • Prepare working drawings
  • Soil test & slab designed by engineer
  • Formal quote provided

3. Selections Stage

  • Experienced interior designer/colour consultant will be engaged to help you
    choose all the colours & materials required to make your home complete.
  • You will also need to select all of your plumbing fittings, whitegoods & electrical
    at this stage.

4. Contract Stage

  • Qld Master Builders contract & specification prepared for signing
  • Balance of standard 5% deposit required.

5.  Approvals Stage

  • Any Town Planning approval taken care of
  • Submission of all documents to Certifier for Building

6. Construction Stage

  • This stage commences within 10 days of building approval
  • You may meet with the builder/supervisor on site during the construction stage
    on a weekly basis or as needed to discuss any concerns or changes

7. Completion & Handover Stage

  • Your home will be cleaned inside & out by a professional commercial cleaner
  • The site will be levelled & cleared of all rubbish
  • Ashley will meet with you on site to present the keys to your new home along
    with all final certificates & operating manuals

8. Maintenance Stage

During this period we encourage you to contact us if something is not working
& we will ensure that any problems will be rectified. It is our goal to establish a
good relationship during the building process & after

Do you need more information on the Design & Construct process for your new home? Call the team at Lindon Homes, in Brisbane with your questions.