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Deciding Whether to Build or Buy?

This can be a big step for most people – and knowing where to begin is a very daunting process. The best starting point is to write down a list of every item you want exactly – then start researching options to suit you. Clarifying what you want out of a home will help you to identify the winning direction. When compiling your list – consider items such as these;   PRICE: If we are talking a custom home, then… Read the rest

What is in vogue for the design world, in 2017

pexels-photo-106937Many bold, beautiful and wonderful things are to come in the design world – minimalism is paving the way for success, with razor thin benchtops, cantilevering joinery and bold finishes to the exterior. That considered – you can never go wrong with the beauty of a thickened marble benchtop to showcase the material. Introducing multiple thickness is remaining a popular option – featuring the island bench in a thicker profile to make a heavy visual impact – allows the main… Read the rest

8 stages of construction with Lindon Homes

The process of building a new home can be very intimidating for first time home builders. However, Lindon Homes has simplified this process, in effort to help make your dream a reality. With over 25 years experience as a reputable builder, Lindon Homes is the perfect solution to all of your home building ventures.Lindon Homes has an eight stage process that lays out everything you can expect from initial contact to successful completion. In fact, this family owned and operated … Read the rest

Our Home Building Specialties

If you are looking to build a new home then look no further than Lindon Homes. This family owned and operated company has been building first class, customised homes for over 25 years. They recognise that everyone is different and have gone to great lengths to diversify their building styles to meet the uniqueness of each and every customer. There’s no dream too big that Lindon Homes can’t successfully make a reality. Whether you are looking for a large home… Read the rest