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How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool Into The Warmer Months

img_8233aWe have transitioned from a mild winter now into warm spring – pool maintenance is crucial for the well being of your overall home cleaning routine. We have listed a few easy tips below to give you a starting point. Cleaning:
  • Know your type – each type of pool will require a different method of cleaning.
  • Know your method – will you be doing it yourself, or will you employ someone? The latter option will by far save you the
  • Read the rest

    Small lots – get all the space you need in your dream home

    renovate-your-home-300x170As the Australian population increases, with high residential saturation in major cities, it is increasingly difficult to find a large lot to build on. With so many established homes and residents, many are now resorting to purchasing narrow lots to get their dream location. However, a small lot does not mean you have to settle for less. With the right home builder, like those at Lindon Homes, you can have the house of your dreams on that narrow lot. These… Read the rest

    Classic colours for the home

    birsbane_home_builder Building your own home is an exciting endeavour. You get to choose exactly what it will look like, from the different rooms and layout to the colours and fittings. One of the most important aspects of a home is its colour scheme. You need something that will last the distance but still represent your personality and style. Below are a few different colour schemes you could choose from for your home that transcend the trends. Warm Colours like red, cream,… Read the rest

    Benefits of building your own home

    Trusting complete strangers to design and build your home can sometimes result in disappointment. Instead of incorporating your desired style, your ideas may be disregarded completely. If not, only tiny aspects will be included. However, when you choose Lindon Homes you can have a home you can truly call your own.… Read the rest

    Don’t give up your dream home cause of your difficult site

    Budget Homes
    There are a number of factors to a well-constructed home. The building materials have to be the highest quality possible. The design or layout should be drawn and patterned according to your needs. It is also important to consider where the house can be permanently built. Difficult sites can greatly affect other construction elements. If you plan to build your luxurious house on a slope or another hard to build area, it may be impossible. Fortunately, with the help of … Read the rest