Custom Home Builders

Deciding Whether to Build or Buy?

This can be a big step for most people – and knowing where to begin is a very daunting process. The best starting point is to write down a list of every item you want exactly – then start researching options to suit you. Clarifying what you want out of a home will help you to identify the winning direction. When compiling your list – consider items such as these;   PRICE: If we are talking a custom home, then… Read the rest

How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Bathroom

Rectified Tiling Option There are so many different tile types and terms out in the market – rectified, pressed edge, ceramic. Finding the correct type for application seems like an endless task. Let’s get to the bottom of these tricky terms. Brick Lay: a pattern setting the tiles to be staggered – similar to a brick wall, you may also call this a running brick bond. Any tile type may be set in brick lay. Bullnose: rounded edge – usually a common finish… Read the rest

Building your new home vs buying

If you are in the market for a new home, you might want to strongly consider building your new home instead of buying a pre-existing one. For many, the concept of building a new home is terrifying or complex at best. However, this process has been greatly simplified over the years, especially if you choose a builder like Lindon Homes, who has over 25 years experience building amazingly customised homes for a wide range of customers.… Read the rest