Maintaining Your New Home to Perfection

IMG_3302cMaintaining your home may seem like a simple and straightforward thing – right? However once handover has been finalised between builder and client – often the task at hand may become overwhelming in a large home or when hosting guests for that housewarming party! To help your home maintain the new fresh feeling we have a few tips:     Mirrors: Often the best trick will involve vinegar, newspaper and – well actually that’s all! Apply a spray mixture of… Read the rest

What Does A Narrow Block Mean for Your New Home

176Morehead-web-6100For the majority of people – this is now the modern reality of purchasing an inner city block. Traditionally, the block width or size may have been seen as a limitation – this certainly is not the case when you choose to build with Lindon Homes. Our design specialist is an expert in narrow block design – sculpting the form of the home to suit your unique block. Utilising wide entrances, large openings, and high ceilings, all initial concerns would… Read the rest

How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Bathroom

Rectified Tiling Option There are so many different tile types and terms out in the market – rectified, pressed edge, ceramic. Finding the correct type for application seems like an endless task. Let’s get to the bottom of these tricky terms. Brick Lay: a pattern setting the tiles to be staggered – similar to a brick wall, you may also call this a running brick bond. Any tile type may be set in brick lay. Bullnose: rounded edge – usually a common finish… Read the rest

LINDON HOMES of BRISBANE, QLD Awarded Best Of Houzz 2016

downloadOver 35 million monthly unique users from Australia and around the world select the best of home building, renovation and design.  BRISBANE, Australia, January 13, 2016 – Lindon Homes Pty Ltd of Capalaba, Qld  has won “Best Of Customer Service” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The Custom Home builder was chosen by the more than 35 million monthly unique users that make up the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building,… Read the rest
Posted on January 21st

The modern home – rooms to consider in your home’s design

Include a Study in Your Home DesignWhether you are renovating or building from the ground up, one of the most important design considerations is the various rooms you will have in your home. While some may be easy, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen, there are other rooms you may not consider adding that could be an essential component to your lifestyle. The following are just three rooms to consider to make your home life more harmonious. Home Studio This could be anything from an… Read the rest

The advantages of an open plan home

Open Plan Living Home DesignFlowing, open homes are more popular than ever, with many homeowners creating a more spacious house by eliminating walls and reducing separate rooms. If you are in the process of designing your home with an architect or builder, an open plan home may be beneficial to you. The following are just a few advantages of an open plan to suit the modern day family. Better Lighting Open spaces create less shadow and encourage more light. Natural light can spread through… Read the rest

The importance of lighting in the home – how to transform your space through illumination

Importance of lighting in your new homeOften taken for granted, lighting is one of the most significant parts of an inviting and productive household. When designing your home, lighting must be considered, as this can change the whole feel of the room, as well as being a necessity for many tasks, like preparing meals or working on the computer. Basic principles of lighting There are four basic principles of lighting, comprising of general, accent or feature, task and decorative lighting. Each of these offers a different… Read the rest

How to create the perfect outdoor space

Builders that will make the most out of your Outdoor LivingThe space outside your house is a peaceful and relaxing zone. However, this may depend on the amount of time and money you have spent on developing this space. With a few small changes, you can transform your outdoor space into a functional zone where everyone wants to spend their time. Simply consider the following steps to make your outdoor living area more appealing to you and your family. Build a divider If your outdoor space is very large, it… Read the rest

5 things to consider when selecting your home floor plan

New Home DesignPlanning and building your house is an expensive investment and will require careful consideration. You will need to be familiar with a number of factors such as the lighting, room layout and fixtures. Below are some of the things to consider when selecting your home floor plan.… Read the rest

Set for summer – top renovations for the warmer season

home_renovations_brisbaneAustralia is a land of sun and surf. Whether it’s a weekend hike in the Sunshine Coast or a Sunday by the sea on the Gold Coast, Australians love to spend their free time in the great outdoors. But we don’t always have time to get out of the house. If you feel your backyard isn’t the outdoor playground you imagined, why not consider the following renovations.… Read the rest