New home colour trends for 2013


Say goodbye to eye-popping and shocking bright colours. This year, the latest home colour trends are all about soothing neutral and pastel colours, combined with subtle splashes of hues such as toned down violets and reds. According to the well-renowned colour provider Pantone, there are nine palettes you should be looking at during 2013.If you are undecided which shade you should have for your home, here are some of them:

  • Beach vibe with Surface treatments – If you want to achieve a laid back beach vibe, you should apply Surface Treatments. The trend is about combining subtle metallic tones with a splash of ocean shades such as blue and grey. However, the hue of blues deemed to be popular this year is different from last year. It will be warmer and more tropical. To avoid your house looking dull, be sure to match it with oversized decorations, wooden cabinets and other timber furniture.
  • Out of the ordinary: marriage of green and violet – This is a great choice for homeowners looking for toned down yet still an attention grabber and quirky colours. The palette collection infuses shades of violet and green. It may seem odd to combine the two conflicting colours, but it actually works well. The contrasting colours complement and highlight each respective hue without overpowering the other tones. There are also hints of bright blue, yellow and orange. You shouldn’t be afraid your house will look like a circus using this set of colours. Apply the colour scheme on furniture and decorations such as throw pillows.
  • Footprints – This colour scheme is quiet similar to Out of the Ordinary. The only difference is the colours are livelier, more whimsical. A neutral toned backdrop such as white or grey can make interior accents with such colours stand out.
  • Back to the New Old School –New Old School is perfect for those who don’t want to add too much colour at home. Instead of having two or three vibrant colours, you will have red and blue. However, the shade of red and blue are deeper. Look for shades such as red ribbon or nautical blue. This is paired with neutral tones such as white, grey and dark grey.
  • The colour collection called Glamour is also similar to New Old School, however the tones are subtler and appropriate for houses with art deco design or style.
  • Extracts for tropical atmosphere – If you are going for a luxurious resort style coloured home, you should consider Extracts. The palette includes shades of brown with touches of dusty pink and green banana.

Still undecided how to use the new palettes in your home? You may want to hire a professional such as Lindon Homes to renovate and recolour your home. Learn how they can help you out by talking to one of their interior designer consultants on (07) 3823 5522.