Colour palettes for the home – 2013 trends

birsbane_home_builderBuilding or renovating a home comes with lots of choices and decisions to make. One of the most important and long lasting decisions is the colour palette of each room or even the whole home. With so many options, it can be hard to choose. If you are looking for some inspiration, consider the following 2013 colour trends.

Urban eclipse

This colour scheme is all about earth tones mixed with the inky night sky. Think neutrals, mustard yellows and deep navy blues. Instead of pairing black and white, this trend amps up the light and dark look, making it more colourful. This palette gives a sharp and sophisticated look and is ideal for high traffic areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

The jewel in the crown

The pantone colour of 2013 is the emerald. This palette harnesses this colour, along with other jewel tones, to add a sophisticated yet youthful look to a room, injecting a little luxury. Some of the colours you could use include sapphire, amethyst and ruby, matched with warm neutral hues like cream and beige.

Classic and chic

Classic colours will always be in trend, offering longevity and beauty in any room. With colours like creamy yellow, soft grey, deep blue and pastel peach, this colour scheme creates a great backdrop for any room. If you are planning to decorate with patterns or want a more neutral room, this is the ideal palette.

A summer by the sea

This look is all about that nostalgic feel of the fresh sea air on your face and soft golden sand in your toes. It takes the colours of the seaside and brings them home, with hues such as light sea green, cavernous ocean blue, crisp white and sandy beige. Combine this with timber pieces and soft fabrics for a relaxed, holiday feel.

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Posted on September 27th
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