Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your New Home

img_8171Pay attention to spatial planning – you will spend the majority of time in the kitchen, dining, family and bedroom – consider ease of use, flow through these areas and accessibility. What do you have in your current home – is there anything that could be improved – or any elements that you could not live without? Experience and habit are the most important determining factors.

Lighting is a major part – never underestimate the value in natural lighting. We are after all in a very bright, sunny climate – it makes sense to make the most and harness what the surrounding environment has to offer.

Consider taking part in a sun mapping study – further maximising the suns’ natural warmth and energy, for cooler seasons. As a general consensus; the garage can be located to the Southern side, you don’t need any natural light to this room.

Landscaping plays a vital role in street appeal – and may even become a new favorite pastime. Hiring professionals for this certainly pays off in the long run.

As an end note – visit as many homes as you can with your desired style – note down items that would and wouldn’t work for you and your family if you are starting completely from scratch. Pay attention to your everyday surroundings – you will begin to notice throughout the designing process, how important this can be.

Posted on October 3rd
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