How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool Into The Warmer Months

img_8233aWe have transitioned from a mild winter now into warm spring – pool maintenance is crucial for the well being of your overall home cleaning routine. We have listed a few easy tips below to give you a starting point.


  1. Know your type – each type of pool will require a different method of cleaning.
  2. Know your method – will you be doing it yourself, or will you employ someone? The latter option will by far save you the most amount of money over time.

Each option will of course include pros and cons. It is important to visit your local swimming pool service store to investigate which will be better for you and your family.


DIY Testing strip kits from your local pool store to identify the chemical levels of chlorine, alkalinity, PH and cyanuric acid – of course, this can still be done by a professional. Understanding the water needs is crucial to assess what chemicals can be added to balance the water.

Ensure you understand the properties of the chemicals if you choose to DIY:

  • Chlorine: disinfects / sanitises
  • Calcium: deficiency in calcium leads to corrosiveness
  • Cyanuric Acid: protect / aid chlorine

Maintaining the water – is about achieving a balance between the chemical levels, if the water is deficient, the key is to ensure you keep regular checks in place.

Should you choose to build a new home with a pool included as part of the design, Lindon Homes provide professional advice as part of the handover service – to ensure you achieve maximum benefit, in years to come.

Posted on November 8th
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