Our Home Building Specialties

If you are looking to build a new home then look no further than Lindon Homes. This family owned and operated company has been building first class, customised homes for over 25 years. They recognise that everyone is different and have gone to great lengths to diversify their building styles to meet the uniqueness of each and every customer. There’s no dream too big that Lindon Homes can’t successfully make a reality. Whether you are looking for a large home or a small urban house, Lindon Homes can do it all.

What They Offer

Lindon Homes offers a comprehensive construction plan that keeps you informed every step of the way. Their eight step construction process is laid out in the beginning so you know each and every step in the process of building your home from planning to permits and from interior design to getting the keys and walking through the front door of your brand new custom built home. No other company can match the commitment that Lindon Homes has to making your dreams come true.

Variety of Specialties

In an effort to make your dream a reality, Lindon Homes has a diversified portfolio of various specialties and housing styles. Lindon Homes is well respected within the industry, and previous customers, for the following specialties:

Budget Homes

– Lindon Homes will work within any budget to meet your specifications. There’s no budget too big or too small that Lindon Homes can’t successfully work within.

Inner City Housing

– Lindon Homes specialises in inner city housing. It’s okay if your lot is small or very narrow. Lindon Homes has decades of experience building in tight spaces and can help tailor fit your dream house to the inner city limitations.

Multi-Storey Homes

– If you are looking for a house with multiple levels, Lindon Homes can build it for you. Whether it’s an inner city home or on a large plot of land, Lindon Homes can build large size homes to meet your desires.


– If your home needs a major makeover, Lindon Homes is the builder for you. There’s no renovation that they can’t handle. Turn your existing home into a newly renovated dream house.


– In addition to these previously mentioned specialties, Lindon Homes also boasts of lengthy experience in building on land that has difficult terrains, on a slope and building near underground water levels. Lindon Homes will build where other builders are afraid to. There’s no lengths Lindon Homes won’t go to, to satisfy their customers and make dreams come true.

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