Classic colours for the home

Building your own home is an exciting endeavour. You get to choose exactly what it will look like, from the different rooms and layout to the colours and fittings. One of the most important aspects of a home is its colour scheme. You need something that will last the distance but still represent your personality and style. Below are a few different colour schemes you could choose from for your home that transcend the trends.

Colours like red, cream, gold and brown are perfect in any home, exuding warmth. They match well with more traditional fixtures. Brown and cream can be used liberally on walls and carpets, while gold and red are good as feature colours or for highlighting particular areas.

Cooler colours are good for contemporary homes, offering a crisp, clean feel. They are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens but can work in any room if used correctly. Think green, white and blue in bright or pastel shades.

A feature wall is a great addition to a room, particularly in places used for entertainment and frequented by guests. Colours for feature walls should be a little more eye catching and can include bright purples, buttercup yellows, sea greens and pumpkin oranges. A little more outside the box, a feature colour should be paired with something subtle and neutral for the rest of the room, like cream, grey or white.These are just a few colour schemes you could incorporate into your home. It is important you get professional help to assist in adding harmony and balance to your home, both through its design and colour palette.

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