The benefits of building up

multi_story_home_brisbane-300x249One of the biggest choices to make when building a home is whether it will be a single or multi storey home. The choice can dramatically alter the home’s design and feel, making it vital to choose the right option for you and your family. There are both benefits and drawbacks to each option and understanding these will help you make the right choice.

Single Storey
Built on one level, a single storey home is ideal for young families and the elderly. Without stairs or balconies, there is less chance of injury from tripping or slippage. Owners of a single storey home also have more options with design, as they are not limited by the fact that only certain rooms can be built on a second or third story. A single storey is often cheaper due to the single plane.However, single storey homes do have their downsides as well. If you want a large home, you may be sacrificing a garden. Also, if you have a particular location in mind but there are no blocks large enough, you will have togo for a different destination or sacrifice space. Single storey homes often also require a bigger roof, which can be very expensive.

Multi Storey
Although stairs can be a problem for some families, in most cases a multi storey home is preferable for families and couples. A multi storey home can be built on almost any block of land as its foundation can be made smaller. You don’t have to sacrifice location or garden space. A multi storey home can also offer more separation between the living and dining spaces and bedrooms, ideal for homes who often host guests or large families who need privacy. Multi storey homes can also give you more storage, such as under the stairs.

Ultimately, the choice between a single and multi storey home is down to your personal needs. The owner/builder must first look at location, household members, garden needs and what would suit their lifestyle more.

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