Five house trends for 2013 – add a little luxury to your home

When building your home, one of the most important and exciting things to think about is how it will look. Choosing the fittings, fixtures, colours and items to place inside your home can be a lot of fun. But before you start, here are a few trends emerging this year you should consider:Antique brass
Experts have anticipated the rejuvenation of all things antique, including brushed brass. Antique metals like brass not only look great, but go the distance, resistant to rust and damage. Brass is being mostly seen in structural elements and hardware, such as taps, door knobs and dinnerware.Downsizing
Space is limited, particularly in more built up areas, such as a city’s central business district. This has forced many people to choose smaller buildings, perhaps building up or creating a smaller space. Residents are also busier, with less time to clean. With people more interested in location, it is easy to see why there is a trend towards smaller homes.Neutral colours
Neon was a hit a few years back, but homes are now seeing a shift to something more subtle. As a classic and timeless palette, neutrals are a great choice for any home. Many homeowners are making the move to a more organic look, with less pops of colour and more solids and light, creamy tones.

Prints and patterns
Although neutral is popular, it is also common to find unique wallpaper, stripes and geometric patterns gracing homes in 2013. With the rise in DIY jobs and being a bit more “crafty”, custom decals, striped walls and loud wallpaper are making a comeback all over the home.

Statement hues
Match the natural tones and crazy patterns with a statement piece in your home this year. Whether it be a bright red vase or a deep blue lamp shade, a little pop of colour is a great addition to any room and will make a nice conversation point.

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