From the ground up – the advantages of building over buying your home


After renting for many years, you have decided to finally make the big step – purchase your own home. However, you are unsure whether you want to simply buy something pre-existing or buy land and build. While purchasing a home that is already built may have its benefits, there are many more reasons why creating a custom home is the way to go.The most obvious advantage to building your own home is how much you can personalise it. With the help of a custom home builder, you get to choose how many rooms you have, what goes where and how it will look from the inside out. You can choose the colours and furnishings and make it as big or as small as you like. The only limit is your budget.

Another advantage to building your own home is the location. Even with a small amount of land, it is still possible to build your dream home with the right help. Finding the perfect pre-existing home in a location you want can be difficult, but with building, all you need to find is the land and go from there!

Maintenance is another benefit of building from scratch. A home you have built will be made to suit your cleaning regime and will feature only new fittings, reducing cleaning time and possible problems in the future. A new home will not have any previous issues and will be made with your lifestyle in mind, making the resulting structure and design low maintenance.

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